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Imcolproduct was born from the idea of creating a family company dedicated to the distribution of snacks that meet the needs of our clients in the Hispanic market in the city of Atlanta. The company focuses on highly recognized brands, excellent quality and competitive prices to ensure that our products are affordable for all types of customers.

Our Company

DSD (Direct Store Distribution)

Our DSD model enables us to deliver the right product to the appropriate client in a timely and efficient manner; always meeting our client’s expectations through our distribution and logistics.

Our products

DSD Objectives

Meet product manufacturers needs requiring product placement in stores.

Simplified logistics which allow us to provide products in excellent conditions.

Improved brand recognition with the final consumer; finding the best product location to maximize shoppers awareness and utilizing the right marketing materials inside and around the stores.

Provide a comprehensive customer service experience through frequent visits to stores.

Improve product profitability by implementing promotional campaigns.






Distribution in Atlanta

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3073 McCall Dr, Suite 7

Atlanta, GA 30340